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We will help guide you during design and the selections process with our network of showrooms or qualified interior designers for a more hands on approach. Our HandyMensch team includes an electrician, plumber, mason, custom cabinetmaker, flooring professional, tile expert, painters, carpenters, countertop technicians, structural engineers and much more. Each of which working towards bringing your custom home interior design to life.

Improve Your Home with Structural Repair

Imagine a giant thumb pushing down on the roof of your house. That force (load) must be transferred through the structure and into the ground. When modifying walls that are load bearing the force must be properly transferred around the new opening. When walls have been improperly modified, floor joists have been damaged or water has slowly rotted structural members the results are sagging floors, doors/windows that won't close properly or in the worse cases collapse. We start our analysis by bringing in our Structural Engineer so we can jointly develop a solution which involves a bit of math coupled with the feasibility of implementation. Most structural changes/repairs are complicated by the deconstruction and reconstruction of the space. They can involve electrical, plumbing, cabinets, drywall, etc that have to be removed and reinstalled to properly complete the repairs. Like a surgeon, we map out a plan before we start operating on your house.

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Keep in mind, we are not staffed for the smaller handyman repairs such as drywall repair, swapping out a light fixture, etc. Our projects are typically a few days to 4 - 6 weeks in duration. As a general rule our projects start around $3,500.


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