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Does your home need “surgery”?

Want to make the most of the space you already have by moving walls rather than pay for an addition? Been told you have damage from critters, wood rot, or water and need to make structural repairs? Our structural services will help you modify or repair your home - the safe way. 

Imagine a giant thumb pushing down on the roof of your house. That force (load) must be transferred through the structure and into the ground. When modifying load-bearing walls, the force must be properly transferred around the new opening to avoid causing damage to your home.

Many remodeling companies don't pull permits and use an outdated  "rule of thumb" method to determine the cheapest way to install a beam. This method can leave the homeowner with sagging floors, unstable decks, doors or windows that won't close properly or, even worse, a collapse.

That’s not how we do things at HandyMensch. We begin every project with a structural evaluation performed by a member of our construction team and our structural engineer. Combining structural calculations with the feasibility of the work involved, we create a safe, long-lasting solution that will pass inspection by the building department.

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How we work



Working closely with our Structural Engineer, we inspect your home before the project begins to assess what walls are load-bearing and if there’s any damage to address



After performing load calculations, we create our structural plan and look at the deconstruction and reconstruction needed around the new structure, taking into account changes to electrical, plumbing, flooring and drywall



Now our plan is ready, we begin operating on your home to repair any damage and get your home’s structure ready and secure for your remodel

Residential structural engineering services

Unlike most home remodeling companies, Handy Mensch offers structural engineering services, so you can expand your space by moving walls, even if they’re load-bearing or you need complex electrical or plumbing work.

We work directly with engineers, so whether you want to remodel your kitchen into an open floor plan, add more light with larger windows, or repair contractor mistakes, you can do so safely with our strict evaluation process in line with city building codes.

Rest assured that our team of licensed contractors and structural engineers have the knowledge, technical skills, and experience to repair or remodel your home to the highest degree of safety and craftsmanship standards.

Wood rot repairs

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Termite damage repairs

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Fireplace removal

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Floor collapse repair

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Wall removal

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Wall collapse repair

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Don’t just take our word for it! See what our past clients have to say...

Lenny is a true professional from the beginning to end of a renovation project. He's experience and knowledge is exceptional. He takes the time evaluate the scope of the project, listen to the client's needs and advise accordingly. He puts together a plan of action and executes seamlessly. He educates the clients on budget and timelines. When doing a renovation, Lenny and his team are the best!
- Lori Duval (see more reviews on Google)

I hired HandyMensch Remodeling to replace three 6x6 supporting posts under my deck and house expansion. The job was done fast. After finishing, they left everything clean, and the workers were friendly. Lenny Berger was very nice to talk to and work with as he explained the process and what the job entailed. There were no unexpected problems, or even expected problems. Everything, and every detail, was put back in place as it was originally found, except for the abandoned birds nest. Lenny also explained things to do to prevent future problems. He visited the site to make sure the workers were doing the work properly and to assess if there were any problems. There were none. Very satisfied.
- Mark Weber (see more reviews on Google)

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