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Structural Beam Replacement - Termite Damage

Our client had contacted two other companies before she found us but they did not do a good job explaining what work needed to be done. When our Chief Mensch showed up, he walked her through the issues and made sure she was comfortable with how we would approach the repair. She had lived in the house for 30 years and a home inspection turned up termite damage in the main beam of the house next to the foundation wall. The steel lally columns had rusted near the floor. One was very bad because a floor drain was overflowing on to the post. We performed a structural evaluation with our engineer and discovered that, in addition to those issues, the old beam had joints that were not sitting directly over the steel posts. This means the load rating was reduced from a 4 layer beam to a 2 layer beam. After "doing the math" we pulled the permit, installed the new beam, posts and moved the drain.

Termite Damage
Water Damage to Post and Footer
New Post and Footer
New LVL beam and 2nd Post/Footer


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