Structural Modifications and Repairs

Fireplace and Chimney Demolition - Structural Repairs

100 year old house in Arlington. The angled fireplace took up way too much space in the living room as well as a corner of an upstairs bedroom. A load bearing wall separated the Living Room and Dining Room into two small rooms.  The client wanted to open the space and keep the fan textured ceiling. We engineered the replacement beam and other structural repairs required as part of an initial evaluation phase. The project took a lot of advance planning since the chimney had to be removed and the roof quickly closed in to make it weather tight. After removing all of the masonry, including a 10" thick concrete pad for the fireplace, we installed the new beam and repaired the floor system. Walls were repaired, our painter matched the old school textured ceiling and we patched the hardwood flooring. Now the client has a single large room that provides better use of the space.

Before - Fireplace and Load Bearing Wall
Before - Side view of Dining Room and Living Room
Before - Chimney goes through the bedroom and attic
Before - Chimney through the Roof
During - Exposed Fireplace and Chimney
During - Fireplace and Chimney Removed. Working on 10" Concrete Pad
During - New LVL Beam
After - Hardwood and Textured Ceiling Repaired
After - New Beam and Trim
After - Repaired Roof
After - Bedroom wall and floor repairs


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