Structural Modifications and Repairs

Create an Open Floor Plan

Our client lives in a 1980s center hall colonial. The floor plan is very common in our area and most people have the same complaints. Lack of light, poor traffic flow, everyone bunches up in the sample space. Our plans called for opening the center load bearing wall in multiple locations, widening the hallway, relocating the coat closet to the office, adding new recessed lighting and more. In consultation with the client, we left some walls so the spaces would still have definition. We can also completely remove the walls and use larger beams to handle the load. In a future phase of the project the flooring will be replaced and the kitchen remodeled. As always we performed a structural evaluation first so we had a plan then we created a detailed proposal. Our team installed plenty of plastic walls and ran our HEPA air scrubbers to remove the vast majority of the dust. You can see the results below.

Original Floor Plan
Proposed Floor Plan
Living Room Before
Living Room After
Living Room View After
Dining Room View Before
Dining Room View After
Dining Room View After
Office View After


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